Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Foreword. What this blog has been made for.

Purpose of making this blog is reviewing questions concerning titanium dioxide production and its application as basic pigment in many pigmented systems (as coatings, plastics, paper) and also questions concerning other pigments. Also questions concerning physicochemical properties of the small-sized particles will be discussed here – for example, titanium dioxide but not only it, questions concerning methods of producing them and questions concerning some ways of their application in various spheres of human activity.
Speaking of  the small-sized particles we are meaning particles in a sufficiently wide size range which usually appear to be a subject matter of such classical sciences as interface and colloid science. It refers to fine particles having sizes up to 150 to 10000 nanometers (or even more) and nano-sized particles (nanoparticles). The last ones are usually determined as objects having the size of 100 nanometers and less. These have very interesting behavior as due to their large specific surface area they may show occasionally new unexpected properties versus larger particles of the same material.
Along with this English blog the Russian blog (Диоксид титана) has been started. But both these blogs are not fully identical in content. Certainly some matters will be published not only in English version but also in Russian version however certain information will be published in just only one blog (either Russian or English). Each blog has reference to the other blog in such a manner that readers will be able to go over from English blog to Russian one and back.